Leather Jackets

The leather is nature’s most perfect and luxurious material and is the first choice for most consumers.

Leather jackets are a regular feature in women's closets now but think back in history, and images of Marlon Brando or James Dean probably come to mind. Since the 1950s, leather jackets were synonymous with rebellion, motorcycles and cool. Part of the allure of leather jackets was that they begged to be roughed up and lived in as a symbol of living life on the edge. But when women began wearing leather jackets portraying the tough guy look it was seen as sexy.  Therefore, leather jackets are the perfect match for fashion rebels and fashionistas alike.

Today, there are many reasons why leather jackets are a must for every closet. The leather jacket is a very flexible fashion accessory which can be paired with any clothing in your wardrobe, from weekend casual to upscale business. A good quality leather jacket just gets better with wear and will last many years, so the money you spend can be considered a long-term investment in your fashion future.

Faneema has many years of experience offering our customers the highest quality leather products at reasonable prices. Faneema uses nothing but top quality, buttery soft lambskin for their leather jackets. The leather is as soft as cloth and light as a feather but has the longevity and durability of leather. One touch and you will feel the difference. No two items are the same. Every jacket will have subtle differences in color, textures, wrinkles and grain patterns which only enhance the natural beauty of each leather jacket.

The most important part about your jacket is the perfect fit. Faneema Leather jackets are tailored at the waist and fall just below the waistline to compliment any shape. The soft, supple leather will hug and flatter your figure in a slim fit. If you want a little extra room for sweaters in the cool weather, the comfortable fit will provide a little extra room and still maintain a flattering silhouette.

Our satisfaction comes from the expression on your face when you look in the mirror and see how great you look. Our goal is every customer to feel fabulous in our leather jacket and happy with our customer care.

Faneema guarantees each leather jackets for material and craftsmanship.